T-Net Africa has been very successful in various regions across the continent, but there are still many countries that are hostile to Christianity. Here are several ways to pray for the ministry and the finishing of the Great Commission.



5 Ways to Pray for Africa


1. Pray that our 4 regional leaders (overseeing Francophone West Africa, Anglophone West Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa) will assist the 25 country leaders to prepare for a major push in beginning new centers and restoring those that stoped during the pandemic. 

2. Pray that the implementation of the new T-Net software program will be successful in all the T-Net African countries. This new software will help us track all of the student numbers and training centers in a country and it will also be the place where students’ assignments are uploaded.

3. Pray for more financial support to come for T-Net Africa in the remaining 4 to 5 months. This budget will fund translation work as well as travel costs for the regional leaders.

4. Pray that God would bring peace to Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Kenya as they struggle from fighting and political unrest so that the T-Net centers can grow and prosper. 

5. Pray that T-Net Africa training will be accepted by government officials as a legitimate way to train their countries pastors. This is especially important in some countries that are requiring pastors to have a degree in order to preach—if they don’t, regardless of how long they have been preaching, they are barred from pastoring.

You can hear our directly from our regional leaders and their stories in the video below.